dune: may the force be with society

the world revokes society from the future to black worlds… 

Dune.  The story of the Future, our time and the super-future.

The film series was originally adapted by the author Frank Herbert.

Frank Herbert was an author who was challenged by his intense futurism and problems with being a a kid too smart.  He was an adult with a childlike comprehension. Afet many years of struggling with his imagination he was given a film deal for a novel which progressed into his movie.

The imagination and his internal psychic and physics thoughts propelled the producer to ask a transcendtat meditationistion direct to direct his film.

The precursors and people in the same boat were Star Wars and Dark Crystal.

The futurism of the film revolves around the privacy and security we face in the society. Authorities which could be a metaphor or reference to our current situationian.

Riots. !




It could have have been a better fiscal move for David Lynch to direct the more popular Star Wars—Return of the Jedi,

Star Wars and the Dark Crystal.  David Lynch was chosen to direct Dune.  He was originally approached to direct Return of the Jedi. He chose the better move. He did what he wanted. The perfect choice.         He was a kid who had to deal with the obstacles of the way we live.

David Lynch is a transcendental meditationationisl who believes in physics and the way we can connect through energy.

The curiosity of his soul and indepdendent spirit caused many difficuluticuies for him growing up.   He  was alienated and too smart for his own good.

The story he crafted as “Dune” began the beginning of the a series of films exploring the psycho-technical and sexual versions of society.

Unfortunately, LIFES A BITCH!!

The weird thing about society is that things change but   It’s just a different to interpret how we find ways to interconnect with beings.

We still don’t have ihu

Politically the film references major powers and different cultures companies and how it affects societies.

Dune is based on a couple different families.

The abnormal and psychologies and legislation that happens in a lot odf different areas all come to complete a story that references much of the physics, dymanics and the way we can and do communicate.

Dune 1 Dune v 28 dune_1984_screenshots_patrick_stewart_desktop_wallpaper-HD dune-original1

A scene that is most dynamic and compelling in the film is when is when when the the child of the Arakis has to be challenged by a person that is dimensioanlly enough power that has a reference to the power of the way the state of the police system, the government and how we connect and inter late

The life between people is fundamenti diffirent but we are all have different fundamentals.

The Force. The Spice

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The movie explains do what you do and love how you love.

The way you think about your own personal psyche and how you connect how to interconnect with beings and just deal with how we love….

Love isn’t spice.

The battle between is more than ears//////  We all battle each morning.  We all battle to love.  Never forget.   Love is us.


Spice is power.

Power is what Arakkis and how the different families connect with different people beings species and interdemeniously beings

We still don’t know it all.   It is what is is.


How many times can I approach? we can’t just…

Ellisppes. Ellispes.. ellispes…..

We deal. We get better..

We still find ways to

… ummmm









Minus the lower case.

We have a lot of differences but it’s not always the things that we can or cannot relate to….

Both directors have different interpretations and influences and thatshit and those and those ways ways and all and all those things that make us connect.




Who KNOWS!??!?!?!?

It may be sexual. It may be Spiritual.



How many times does it take me to understand how to connect.

You could be cool with Spice. Life. Oil. Gas. Men, women or all the those things…;……

God bless the world…..

dune: may the force be with society

Injecting Fiber Into the Micro Municipal Utility: The economy and productivity of community broadband

Chattanooga beat Google Fiber by a decade. Chattanooga set the platform for a new breed of global fiber optic cities.  It offset the cost of connectivity by redesigning the utility grid into a smart grid allowing all of Chattanooga’s rural, urban and residential residents to have fiber optic connectivity. Gig cities, fiber towns and smart grids are the future for municipal utility companies.  Chattanooga has show how the installation cost can be offset through grants, utility efficiency and a way to attract new business growth from entrepreneurial start ups to large corporations as large as Cisco.

The Gig City Coined the gig city of the western hemisphere Chattanooga beat Google fiber by a decade. A decade ago Chattanooga had the forethought to plan a stimulus for the utility company EPB to create an entirely fiber optic network.  The dept of Energy accelerated the project with a generous $111 million dollar grant. Chattanooga is now attracting entrepreneurs who want to design on the fastest internet platform in the North Americas with a below dollar living cost.

Two Way Communication for Disaster Relief Fiber Optics provides a unique advantage during large storms. In 2011 the largest tornado storm system in US history hit leaving tragic devastation. Chattanooga was able to employ the fiber optic smart grid system to reroute power automatically and individually meter what areas had outages.

The Cost of Connectivity Fiber Optics infrastructure is a healthy upfront cost.  The initial set up cost averages several hundred million to implement a digital fiber optic infrastructure into a city of around 200,000, the size of Chattanooga. Municipalities creating fiber optic network is a better justification for the initial cost.  It allows the municipality more Federal Grant access and improved infrastructure where the long-term benefits outweigh the upfront.

Smart Grids and Utility Integration Smart grids are integrated into the 170,000 electric meters through a series of 2,000 switches allowing for the power to re be re-routed quicker and metered more efficiently.  The utility company is also using the fiber optic network to install a set of LED street lamps.  The LED lamps are part of a Global Green Lighting initiative.  The LED lighting allows more control in emergency situations because emergency first responders can flood the LEDs with enough light to make midnight seem like midday.

Grid Cities Currently ten cities are smart grid or projects underway.  Austin, Chattanooga, Chicago, Fort Collins, Houston, Sacramento, San Diego, Seattle, Tempe and Worcester.  Chattanooga is the fastest.  San Diego is home to the largest micro-grid experiments. Austin has the most extensive project underway by integrating energy storage, clean energy to consumer uses such as electric vehicles and smart appliances.

Swedish Fiber Riches Swedish billionaires EQT have invested part of their 10 billion dollar fortune to consolidate  over 200 private providers of fiber optic networks across Sweden as a geographic test market to see how it could be implemented in the Netherlands, Germany or Poland.

Free Wi Fi Cities About 57 cities have free wi-fi in the united states on some municipal level.   The speed of the broadband is counter productive to the signup rate of subscribers.

Municipalities target between 25-30% of a signup rate across the city but generally the signup rate reaches the 1.2 to 2.5%.

Ericsson did a study in 33 countries that showed an increase in GDP by .3%. The amount of people on broadband will multiply five times in the next year from 1 billion to 5 billion.

Legislation and Fiber Communities Chattanooga allowing public municipalities to control Fiber optics has allowed about 19 states to fight the private provider laws that limit the control that public entities can have over broadband.

The passing in control to public lowers the hurdle of the initial costs which have created a broadband economy at bandwidths that hover at a much slower speed

The Future of Community Broadband and Fiber Optics  Chattanooga has saved over 2.5 million a year in energy costs since employing the fiber optic network.   Combined with the 2 million a year saved in utility costs the municipality will recoup in under twenty years if no other initiatives using the energy costs are calculated.

Injecting Fiber Into the Micro Municipal Utility: The economy and productivity of community broadband

Futurism, Brain Pickings and Photography

A Photo Editor

Author: Rob Haggert

Description:  Perspectives from an editor about photographic image makers. The contractual, inspirational and creative dialogue concerning the editorial market from editorial to advertising. Tips on how you can create a sustainable life through art.

Why I Enjoy The Blog:  The business of freelance photography is the economy and changing society of photographs in relation to the industry and visual communication.

Brain Pickings

Author: Maria Popova

Description:  What matters in the world and how it affects your spiritual, creative and intellectual being.

Why I Enjoy The Blog: peoples journey to fulfillment, our processes and our soul… our art and body… The things that remind us of being our most creative.

Thomas Frey

Author: Thomas Frey

Description: Futurist Blog

Why I Enjoy The Blog: a new utopian view of how we can evolve with the changing emerging technologists.

Futurism, Brain Pickings and Photography

Homelessness and Vacant Properties Worldwide






Homelessness and Vacant Properties Worldwide

Chapter 5 – Audience & Outline

Local “A Blog about locally sourced eateries and their processes”

Audience Profile

Foodies with a preference to the local farm to table.  Sustainable and seasonal.

Purpose of Publication
News and Entertainment; a review of the best local sourced eateries in each neghborhood


Nashville Eater, Nashville Guru, Nashville Scene

Style Issues
The style guide will stay consistent.  Links to each site, an image and a short brief about their specialty.

Information Challenges
The price of each eatery, a link to the location, the cuisine and any special processes the eatery may differentiate itself from their competitors.

Response to Challenges
Phone interviews with the general manager and Chef will be conducted for up to date information

Content Outline – Article 1

I. The Treehouse
a.  A Family Home
b. Artisan Designed Decor
c. Gluten Free / Vegetarian

II. Margot Cafe
a. East Village Beginnings
b. Sunday Brunch
c. Marche Artisan Cafe
d. Menu Sampling

III. Mitchells Delicatessen
a. Smoked and Cured
b. Renovations
c. Inglewood Neighborhood
d. Travel Channel Best Sandwich in America

IV. The Pharmacy
a. Best Burger
b. Grind and Smoked
c. Toppings and Extras

Chapter 5 – Audience & Outline

Locally Sourced East Nashville Eateries – Chapter 6 Feature Article

The Treehouse

Todd Alan Martin, chef behind the European fused with South American flavors of the Treehouse in East Nashville hosts a small seated dining area with an open layout kitchen.

The Treehouse which is less than three years old has already ranked as one of the most surprising and ever evolving menus.  Each day the food is sourced as fresh as possible from local farmers.  They source everything from fresh cheese to local game.  The dishes revolve around what is seasonally freshest to blend the perfect balance of flavor and color.

The Treehouse was the former family house of Corey Ladd whose grandfather is famous fiddler Buddy Spicher.  The restaurant is nestled in an alley in the history five points district of East Nashville between Margot and a violin repair shop.

Designing the Treehouse was equally as important to the food in sourcing as many products from local artisans.

Most of the dishes are tapas with a large portion built around gluten-free and or vegetarian.  The average price is around $5-25.


Cafe Margot
Margot McCormak, chef behind the French-Italian Cafe Margot has been an east Nashville staple for almost 15 years.  She developed her Italian and French blend during her time working at a rustic European cafe in the East Village of New York.   After being in New York for several years she moved to work Nashville where she began working as executive chef at the landmark jazz restaurant F. Scott’s in the Green Hills neighborhood.

Cafe Margot opens it’s doors for dinner and dessert daily. The exception is their Sunday Brunch when a reservation is highly recommended.  The brunch is a favorite for people in all neighborhoods.

The brunch became so popular Margot opened Marche which is an artisan food cafe that is open every day for breakfast lunch and dinner.

Both Margot and Marche source all of their ingredients locally.

A Snap Pea Risotto, Grapefruit Bruleed, Cornmeal Pancakes with Blood Orange Caramel and several egg dishes.   Sunny Egg Bruschetta with Arugula Bacon and Parmesan, Baked Eggs with Braised Sugo and your standard Steak and Eggs.

Marche has Peanut Butter and Jelley Sandwiches, Smoked Salmon Tartine, Crepes, Quiche and a Frittata with Cauliflower Ham and Gruyere.

Margot has dishes between $5-15.

Cafe Margo
Marche Artisan Foods

Mitchell’s Delicatessen
Since 2008 Mitchell Delicatessen has dominated as the best sandwich in Nashville.   All of the food is locally sourced dairy, fruit and vegetables.  A key ingredient to the sandwiches being packed with flavor is that most of the meat is cured or smoked in house.

Recently the restaurant has undergone a face lift from the original corner bodega look to a more contemporary eatery facade.  They also expanded the dining space to around 3800 square feet.   The patio has become a popular hang spot for the neighbors in Inglewood.

Inglewood is a little further east of the central point of East Nashville five points.    The area has quickly become the neighborhood for independently owned businesses.   Everything from a rustic taqueria Mexican food market, Foobar, a dingy dive bar to Fond Object which is a mix of thrift/vintage finds and Mitchells is across the street from Watanabe which is a great place to grab a drink after your sandwich.

The Asian Flank Sandwich is one of the more popular sandwiches.  It’s only served on Mondays.   The steak sandwich was recently featured on the Travel Channel as one of the Best Sandwiches in America.

Sandwiches range around $8-10 for a sandwich only.

Mitchell’s Delicatessen
The Pharmarcy
New to the east Nashville scene.  The Pharmacy is located closer to the Cleveland Park neighborhood.  The German themed beer garden has won awards for having the best burger for the past two years and also best new restaurant.

They grind stuff and smoke every sausage they serve.   Every condiment is hand crafted rather than purchased.  The beer garden hosts an impressive curated selection of brews.  The beers range from obscure German Imports to local crafts.

Toppings and extras that are made in-house shine as well as the meats.  A few of the more interesting toppings are Horcata Crema Fresca, Wasabi Aioli an a Beer Mustard.   Extras such as Chili, Ham and a Stroganoff Bechamel are definitely unique.

The earlier you can arrive the better because the wait can quickly mass.

Burgers average about $10.

The Pharmarcy

Locally Sourced East Nashville Eateries – Chapter 6 Feature Article